#56: The Cool Cat Teacher Talks Digital Tools and How Leaders are Readers

Vicki Davis — educator, author, speaker





In this episode you will learn:

  • How Vicki transferred from a career initially in the business world to the world of teaching and education 
  • Why you can be exceptional anywhere in any discipline
  • The difference between talking about research-based best practices and living these practices in your classroom
  • How not to feel alone as a teacher
  • What you can do to motivate your students
  • Why the complexities of teaching can be overwhelming
  • How she handles and manages her multiple commitments
  • Why connecting is important
  • How voice messaging can improve student writing
  • What Pro Writing Aid can do for students and their writing
  • Why you should read an hour a night to better yourself
  • What you can do to incorporate more digital apps in your teaching and your classroom
  • Why 15 minute time for yourself is important
  • The importance of mind mapping and organizing one’s thoughts