#62 Marguerite Izzo — Giving Our Very Best

Marguerite Izzo — National Teaching Hall of Fame Inductee

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Listen to find out:

  • Why Marguerite has taught every grade from 5-12
  • Marguerite is a member of the Teaching Hall of Fame
  • Why she firmly believes that if you can teach middle school, you can teach anything
  • How teaching is more difficult than being a doctor and why our best is needed every day
  • How administrative support can be a game changer for a teacher
  • What happens when we don’t reflect and adjust when we are teaching
  • What the general public fails to understand about teaching, the challenge of reaching that affective domain and how that can influence the intellectual domain
  • The exhausting and exhilarating nature of reaching 30+ students
  • Learn the three essential things that she loves about teaching
  • Marguerite recommends The Courage to Teach as a book  that all teachers should read
  • Why taking care of yourself is so important in teaching
  • How you can use The Teaching Channel  to improve as a teacher
  • What confidence can do for students and how we can empower their success
  • Marguerite’s belief in the importance of national standards
  • Her proudest moments as a teacher