#71 Michael Dunlea — Listening to Student Voices

Michael Dunlea became a teacher for the same reason most did, he wanted to make a difference. He decided to become a teacher via the alternate route after working in restaurant/hotel management for over 20 years. He was a finalist for the NJ State Teacher of the Year, which set him on a path of teacher leadership that included becoming a Teacher Fellow with America Achieves in 2012 and Hope Street Group in 2014.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How he created a grassroots, teacher-led storm crew in response to Hurricane Sandy.
  • Why he was a finalist for the New Jersey Teacher of the Year and was a Hope Street Group Fellow
  • What was impactful about his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Finn
  • How his wife, a social worker, showed him what it means to be dedicated to the betterment of children.
  • What choice every teacher must make 
  • The number of hours he put in over contract in a school year
  • What policy makers fail to realize about students
  • Why every teacher should read Rick Lavoie’s When The Chips Are Down: Learning Disabilities and Discipline (Strategies For Improving Children’s Behavior)
  • How you can be a part of your school’s community
  • Why Twitter helps teachers
  • How to use student surveys effectively to understand what’s happening in your classroom

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