#77 Teaching Channel’s Erika Nielsen Andrew

Erika Nielsen Andrew is the Chief Academic Officer at Teaching Channel. She started her career as a high school social studies teacher in several Bay Area schools. After a short stint as a high school administrator, she earned her doctorate at University of California, Berkeley, and went on to found and lead several coaching groups at the School of Education, including the Urban Schools Network and the Teaching and Learning Alliance.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • How she and Teaching Channel are working to make professional learning as invigorating and inspiring as can be.
  • Where she began her career and how it ultimately led to a career at Teaching Channel.
  • Why we need to open the doors on more classrooms
  • The two similarities between coaching athletes and coaching teachers
  • Two sure-fire ways to give feedback to large numbers of students
  • How Teaching Channel establishes its culture of respect and collaboration
  • The primary reason why most professional development is inadequate
  • The struggles teachers still face with the Common Core
  • The 3 easy things any teacher can do when they first arrive on Twitter chat
  • Why a personal passion outside of the classroom is so important inside the classroom

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