August Back-to-School Book

Ready for back-to-school?

I’m slowly starting to think about my classroom, my plans, and my goals for the year.

I’m also ready to read an education book to get me in that mindset.

If you want to read and grow with over 200 educators, grab a copy of Learn Like a PIRATE, and join our Facebook group.

Want to Know More About the Book?

Here’s a summary:

Collaboration. Empowerment. Student Leadership. These buzz words get a lot of press, but what do they really mean for today’s students? Can students really handle the responsibility of leading the class? Can they actually learn what they need to if they are working together so often? Won’t all this freedom cause chaos in the classroom? Not if you’re teaching them to learn like PIRATES!

Peer Collaboration builds community and supports teamwork and cooperation.
Improvement-focused learning challenges students to constantly strive to be their best.
Responsibility for daily tasks builds ownership in the classroom.
Active learning turns boring lessons into fun and memorable experiences.
Twenty-first century skills engage students now and prepare them for their futures.
Empowerment allows students to become confident risk-takers who make bold decisions.

Charlotte Danielson says:

“In Learn Like a PIRATE, Paul Solarz explains how to design classroom experiences that encourage students to take risks and explore their passions in a stimulating, motivating, and supportive environment where improvement, rather than grades, is the focus. The particular techniques (and the underlying philosophy) he offers are highly consistent with teaching practice at the distinguished level in my Framework for Teaching. In that model, I tried to describe, at the distinguished level, classrooms in which the teacher has created a community of learners, with the students themselves assuming much of the responsibility for what occurs there. Mr. Solarz offers specific ideas for how to accomplish that.”


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