#83 Sean Gaillard and Natalie Krayenvenger

Twitter for Teachers

Sean Gaillard is Principal of John F. Kennedy High School in North Carolina. He founded#EdBeat and #CelebrateMonday, and is a#Read4Fun co-founder. He is also a co-organizer for EdCamp Global. Natalie Krayenvenger is the sherpa of learning to some amazing 4th graders in Maryland.  She is a reader, blogger, positive warrior, presenter for Kahoot! and #Buncee Ambassador. In this episode you will … Read more…

The Most Common Teacher Pitfalls… And How to Avoid Them

Teacher pitfalls

Don’t you just love those teachers that are boundless wells of optimism?

You know the ones I’m talking about; they are easy to spot. They believe they can change the world from their classrooms. They teach students beyond the curriculum. They inspire them to greatness with words of wisdom. And they offer the means to be socially just and responsible.

But in this profession there are pitfalls along the way that can sap the most enthusiastic teacher and drain the life force that is necessary to sustain them. … Read more…