#59 1-Year Anniversary w/ Brian Sztabnik

Brian Sztabnik — educator 

Brian Sztabnik runs the Talks With Teachers podcasts#aplitchat and created aplithelp.com.  He has taught English Language Arts for ten years in middle schools, high schools, the inner city and the suburbs.  He is currently the lead English teacher at a high school on Long Island, where he teaches AP Literature and electives.  He has presented at the AP Annual Conference, LI Connected Educators, the New York State English Council Conference, and at local workshops on the Common Core Standards.  He coached varsity basketball coach for 10 years and now spends his time as a devoted father and a frequent typo-maker.




In this episode you will learn: 

  • How I became interested in teaching after a brief career in sports journalism
  • The inspiration for the creation of Talks with Teachers
  • My teaching story and what I have learned from the four schools that I have worked for in the past 10 years
  • The qualities of successful schools
  • The habits of successful teachers
  • What I have learned doing the podcast for the past year
  • What I would like to do in the future with Talks with Teachers

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