Chris Bronke

Episode #86

Christopher Bronke has been teaching English for 13 years and is in his 5th year as English Department Chair at Downers Grove North. In this role he teaches 9th-grade honors, evaluates teachers, oversees the literacy coaching program, plans and implements PD, and works with other district leaders on CCSS integration/implementation and common assessments and rubrics. He has presented nationally on CCSS integration across all subject areas, creating a teacher brand, blogging to empower teacher voice, collaborative leadership, teacher blogging, teacher leadership, literacy leadership, as well as social media in the classroom. Christopher’s work with social media has been featured in the Atlantic, with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, on EduTalk Radio, and on the social media platforms MightyBell and Celebrate Teaching.

    • How he empowers his students to do more while he does less
    • How Chris Bronke redesigned his assessments to better serve his students
    • How he shifted the purpose of his class away from content and toward skill development
    • What were the deciding factors that enabled him to switch schools mid-career
    • Why he co-founded The National Blogging Collabotative
    • Why he is a firm believe in the book, Falling in Love with Close Reading: Lessons for Analyzing Texts–and Life