David Miller: AP Literature Chief Reader


David Miller — Episode #87

An insightful thinker, an incredible scholar and well-respected English teacher at Mississippi College for more than two decades, David Miller received accolades as MC’s Distinguished Professor of the Year in 2013.

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      • David has taught at Mississippi College for 26 years
      • graduate school is when he realized that the classroom is where he belonged
      • David recognizes the two types of mentors — those we choose and those that are formally assigned to us
      • He admires the adaptability of high school teachers in comparison to higher ed
      • What David did when his students did not do the reading
      • How David puts himself out there and places him in situations to interact with students
      • Why it is so important to take risks
      • How texts are tools not entities in and of themselves
      • Why literature is a verb, not a noun
      • The goals of the AP Literature and Composition exam
      • How David plans a unit or a novel
      • What happens in the process of reading a complex text
      • Two books that teachers should read are:

David Miller Mississippi College