Making Magic Happen with Dyane Smokorowski

Dyane Smokorowski: Instructional Technology Coach 


Dyane serves as an instructional technology trainer, providing professional development for the Andover school district, and throughout the state training preK-12 teachers on 21st Century Skills, project-based learning and technology tools.  In addition, she is an Intel National Senior Trainer, training other teachers around the nation in project-based learning strategies with enhanced technology integration, and co-hosts monthly online professional development trainings focused on effective technology integration and 21st Century Skills for PreK-12 educators for the Intel Teach Live International Monthly Webinar series.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Dyane makes teachers nerdydyane
  • Why she didn’t expect to land in middle school education
  • How she gets stuck in that space of middle school jokes, books, and jargon
  • A time when she almost betrayed a child’s trust and what she learned from it
  • How Shelly Schott, of Intel Education, has mentored her. Dyane considers her a Teaching Yoda
  • What you can do to make the magic happen with Project-Based Learning
  • Ways to break the stereotype that teachers don’t have passion
  • How to bridge the gap between old school pedagogy and new age technology
  • How to do teacher field trips
  • Where to find inspiration, especially at places like EdCamp
  • What great teachers do over and over again
  • Why everyone should read Kelly Gallagher’s books, especially Write Like This and Deeper Reading