#63 Active and Engaged Math Teaching: Michael Flynn

michael flynnMichael Flynn

Director of Mathematics Leadership Program at Mount Holyoke College


In this episode you will learn:

  • How he went from hating math to teaching it
  • Why teaching the way you were taught is not always a successful practice
  • The ways in which we can use our colleagues as resources
  • Why summer PD can transform your teaching
  • How his teaching changed from teacher-centered to student-centered
  • The questions you should ask to determine if your classroom is student-centered.
  • Why we need time to practice, experiment, and try things out
  • The difference between a fun activity and a fun learning outcome
  • How the dynamic nature of the classroom can be invigorating
  • Why Principles to Action is a book that every math teacher should read
  • The ways in which everyone can be life-long learners
  • Why the workbook method in math can turn students off
  • How to make math an active process
  • The ever-evolving, always-collaborating nature of great teachers