The Global Read Aloud’s Pernille Ripp

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Segment I – Background and Inspiration



Tell your story. Where are you from and how long have you been teaching? What classes have you taught?    – Pernille did not want to be a teacher at all because her mother was a teacher and several family members were as well. Yet in her early 20s she realized that working with children and the one thing that she ran away from, teaching, is what she really wanted to do. She now teaches 7th grade English in Oregon, Wisconsin.

Who has helped you in your journey to become a master teacher?  – Her first mentor was a special ed teacher in her old district. The minute Pernille walked into her classroom she knew she wanted to be like her because she taught from the heart and made each student feel like they were the most important thing in her world.

It is important for other teachers to know that we all have had setbacks in the classroom. Identify an instance in which you struggled as a teacher and explain what you learned from that experience. – One lesson that stood out was during student teaching. It was a math lesson and the students were totally lost. She kept repeating the instructions over and over, almost forcing it upon kids. She knew it was failing and couldn’t fix it at the moment. It taught her that you couldn’t just barrel through the content or lesson, especially when its someone else’s idea. You have to make it your own.

What is the challenge in teaching?  – You are many things to many kids. Some need need discipline, some need a bystander in their life, some need comfort. You cant be the same teacher for every kid.

What is one thing that you love about the classroom?    – The students — what they give to you. THey offer up pieces of they heart and their soul for you to safeguard. She also loves the fact that it is never the same.

Segment II —

What book do you recommend to a teacher that wants to develop? 
What is one thing a teacher can do outside the classroom that can pay off inside the classroom? — Find time for yourself.

Is there an internet resource that you can recommend which will help teachers grow professionally? — Bounce around and explore your curiosity. Twitter is one place where you can jump in and out of conversations.

Provide a writing practice that is effective?  –  She introduced student blogs and allowed them to be reflective. It gave them a voice to the world.

Update the cannon. What books belongs in the classroom?