My Mission

I’m Brian Sztabnik, a high school English teacher from Long Island. When I started Talks with Teachers I wanted to do two things:

1. Offer the most inspiring ideas from the best teachers in America.

2. Help teachers get better at what they do.

Maybe you are here because you want to listen to inspiring teachers. Maybe you want to participate in a broader community. Maybe, with all the chaos in education right now, you are searching for something to believe in.

Whatever brought you here, thank you.

The tagline for this site is “inspiring ideas for better teaching.” If I do my job right, you’ll find the wisdom, inspiration, and support you need to be impactful in the classroom. I hope that Talks with Teachers can guide you to the answers you seek. Whether you want to reach more students, develop a stronger classroom culture, or find a better work-life balance, you can do it. Just by arriving on this page, you fill me with hope. It proves that teachers work on improving their craft long after the bell rings.

Through my podcast, blog, Twitter chats, and Voxer groups, I tackle the real problems teachers face everyday in the classroom. And while I could dive deep into pedagogy and theory on this site, that’s not my style. I want to find practical solutions. It is what I’ve always sought for my teaching.

My followers are teachers of all levels. They are people like you, normal men and women, young and old, often with families and children — doing what they love.  They work to get their tests graded and have dinner on the table. They want to deliver awesome lessons and be able to do the things they love outside of school. They hop on Twitter to learn and grow, but they also have their hobbies and passions.

About Me

I have taught English for over a decade in New York. By day I share my love of literature with my students, by night I am a husband and father.

At the heart of everything that I do, though, is the belief that great ideas should be shared and celebrated. This simple principle has helped my students outperform the world on the AP Literature and Composition exam. It has catapulted my podcast to No.1 in the K-12 category on iTunes. And it has enabled my writings to appear on Edutopia, EdWeek, Heineman, and AdLIT. I won the Bammy Educators’ Choice Award in 2015 for Education Commentator/Blogger.

I am inspired each day as I learn about my students, teaching, and about how we all can be role models for those looking for something better.

Top Posts

To get started with the ideas that have transformed my teaching, visit my archive page in which I share my best ideas on writing, reading, teacher development, and testing.

Top Podcasts

I have interviewed the finest teachers in the country on the Talks with Teachers podcast. Three National Teachers of the Year have been guests on the show. So have educational thought leaders like Grant Wiggins, Carol Jago, Mark Barnes, and Jennifer Gonzalez. Every teacher, from the first-year rookie to the 30-year veteran has a story to tell and on each show I unpack those stories. You will hear of successes, failures, and the wisdom acquired from being in the classroom.

You can read my disclosure policy here.

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