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Why We Are Doing This

We are a married couple, and we are English teachers.  We love what we do. More important, we care deeply about the success of our students and are passionate about the literature that we teach. Yet, we are also tired of seeing the teaching profession taking hit after hit in the media and in the public's eye. We hear that more testing is the answer to diminished learning, scripted lessons will rectify teacher competency, and rushed evaluation metrics will distinguish the good from the bad. In our heart of hearts, we know how misguided it all is. We believe teaching to be a series of dynamic interactions between a teacher -- someone with knowledge of a topic and the wisdom to delivery it effectively -- and a student -- someone that needs to gain that knowledge and believe in its value. 

Who We Are


Brian Sztabnik runs the Talks With Teachers podcasts, the website content, and #aplitchat.  He has taught English Language Arts for nearly ten years in middle schools, high schools, the inner city and the suburbs.  He is currently the lead English teacher at a high school on Long Island, where he teaches AP Literature and electives.  He has presented at the AP Annual Conference and local workshops on the Common Core Standards.  He is a varsity basketball coach, a devoted father, and a frequent typo-maker.





 Jessica Sztabnik runs the What Worked section of the website and keeps the Talks with Teachers Facebook and Pinterest pages updated.  She taught middle school English Language Arts for almost ten years in the Midwest, New York City, and Long Island.  She is dual-certified in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  She currently stays at home with her greatest student, who continues to teach her some of the most valuable lessons about life.