Technology in Education

Leveraging technology to enhance student learning experiences, engagement and well-being. It includes strategies for integrating digital tools, educational apps, online resources and interactive platforms into teaching practices.

Additionally, this subcategory addresses digital literacy skills, online safety, responsible technology use and the ethical considerations of technology integration in education.

Educators and tech experts showcase AI education tools for children at a London conference, emphasizing its crucial role in future learning
Student Engagement and Welfare Technology in Education

Tech Insiders Propose AI Education in Schools for the Next Generation

Alexandar Li

Tech experts are voicing the need for artificial intelligence (AI) education in schools, highlighting its burgeoning role in society. At ...

girl sitting in school with smartphone in hands
Student Engagement and Welfare Technology in Education

Why Should Phones Be Allowed in School? 4 Things to Consider

McArthur Wesley

As a teacher, I’ve implemented smartphones into my educational strategies. Given their prevalence and capabilities, these devices could significantly take ...