Educators and tech experts showcase AI education tools for children at a London conference, emphasizing its crucial role in future learning

Tech Insiders Propose AI Education in Schools for the Next Generation


Tech experts are voicing the need for artificial intelligence (AI) education in schools, highlighting its burgeoning role in society.

At major ed-tech conference in London, various companies showcased tools to familiarize kids with AI and technology.

Ben Garside from Raspberry Pi emphasizes the universal impact of AI. For a shift in perspective among students towards leveraging AI in their areas of interest.

The goal is to inspire curiosity about AI’s potential rather than instill fear.

The British Educational Training and Technology Show (BETT) serves as a platform for educators to explore cutting-edge technologies.

Despite AI’s absence in the UK’s National Curriculum revised in 2014, the need for its inclusion is becoming increasingly apparent.

The Essential Role of AI in Future Education

Roger Grogan of Jam Coding points out the infancy of the AI movement and the necessity for education systems to adapt to the digital revolution.

He stresses the importance of incorporating AI teaching into the curriculum.

Innovative teaching tools like Hong Kong’s 5G Nu Multimedia’s robotic dog GO2 and drones are being developed for primary students to understand AI from a young age.

Alan Chan, CEO, insists on introducing AI concepts early in a student’s education journey.

Microsoft’s Minecraft and Ethical AI Education

Introducing a game called Generation AI that educates children on AI principles and ethics

Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft has been utilized to promote its educational advantages, introducing a game called Generation AI that educates children on AI principles and ethics.

Justin Edwards from Microsoft elaborates on teaching kids about AI’s responsible use.

The Importance of Early AI Familiarization

Dominika Gyanyi from Hungarian tech education firm Bookr underlines the importance of acquainting students with AI before they finish school. Ensuring they understand both its benefits and potential pitfalls.

Since its inception in the mid-1980s, BETT has played crucial role in merging technology, attracting thousands of educators globally and highlighting the ever-evolving landscape of digital learning and AI’s place within it.