Most Dangerous High Schools in Los Angeles

10 Most Dangerous High Schools in Los Angeles – A City’s Dark Secrets


Los Angeles, known for its entertainment industry and cultural diversity, also faces challenges with public school safety.

Data from the LAPD, LAUSD, and school review sites informed this ranking. Despite the difficulties, it’s important to recognize the efforts of students, teachers, administrators, and parents working to overcome these obstacles and enhance the learning environment.

Below is a list of the ten high schools in Los Angeles considered most dangerous, according to crime reports and safety concerns.

1. Jefferson High School

Jefferson High School in South Central Los Angeles faces issues with violence and drugs. We already wrote similar things that happened in New Jersey schools.

High dropout and truancy rates are problems too. These reflect the area’s socio-economic challenges.

However, the school’s staff is actively working on programs to improve conditions and support students.

2. Fremont High School

Fremont High School in Florence deals with gang violence, affecting both the school and the neighborhood. The school has upped security and rules to tackle this. Even so, safety is still an issue.

But there’s good news too: teachers and students are pushing hard to make things better, focusing on better grades and getting everyone involved.

Their hard work is starting to pay off, giving hope for a safer, more successful school.

3. Locke High School

It joined the Green Dot network to get better.

Despite ongoing violence and gangs, the school community is fighting back.

Teachers, parents, and locals are all pitching in with positive programs to help students succeed.

4. Crenshaw High School

The school regularly deals with violence and drugs.

Still, Crenshaw High is making strides to better its atmosphere. It’s rolling out new programs and teaming up with community groups to give students a safer, more challenging education.

5. Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights is big and historic but has issues with crime, drugs, and violence. The school isn’t ignoring these problems. It’s working with local groups to make things safer and boost learning.

Everyone at Roosevelt is focused on turning things around for the better.

Roosevelt is not standing still, though. Several initiatives, including community partnerships, aim to increase student safety and promote academic excellence.

6. Jordan High School

Jordan High School in Watts is tackling violence and gangs by creating smaller learning communities. This change aims to make the school safer and education more personal.

The school’s spirit is strong, with many programs pushing for better grades and a safer environment. Jordan High is committed to improving and showing the power of its community.

7. Manual Arts High School

Manual Arts High School, close to South Central LA, deals with serious violence and crime.

To manage this, it’s been divided into three smaller schools for better focus and safety.

Challenges aside, the school is pushing forward. With a strong support network, it’s rolling out programs to cut down on violence and boost learning. There’s a clear commitment to making things better for the students.

8. Belmont High School

Belmont High School, west of downtown LA, has faced criticism for overcrowding, which contributes to disciplinary issues and clashes among students.

However, Belmont High is taking steps to address these challenges.

Belmont High School is putting more emphasis on mentorship and student involvement.

9. Fairfax High School

Fairfax High School, in a relatively safe area, still faces its own issues with fights, theft, and vandalism.

To tackle these, the school has started several programs to reduce violence and improve safety. At the same time, it keeps focusing on academics to make sure students get a full education.

10. Hollywood High School

Bullying, fights, and theft are frequent problems.

The school is fighting back, though. It’s set up specialized academies to improve the atmosphere and reduce violence. These steps show Hollywood High’s commitment to a safer, more welcoming place for all students.

Final Words

Each of these schools is a community with its own successes and strengths.

Behind the numbers are real stories of determination and progress that inspire hope for a better and safer tomorrow.