4 Authors Nurse Educators Should Recommend to Their Students

Author: Alexandar Li



Authors for nursing education

Have you recently shifted from teaching offline students to an online setting?

In that case, you’re probably looking for ways to help them learn without regular practical experience.

Technically, you can do that by personalizing the learning methods for a hands-on approach, rewarding their success, and allowing self-monitoring.

Moreover, aspiring nurses will benefit from reading real-life stories.

There are various authors that you can recommend to your students for inspiration and to learn more about the profession. For example, Ehren Myers shares valuable information about nursing that can inspire them and foster professional development.

In this blog post, we will list four such authors that you should ask your students to look into.

1. Tilda Shalof

Best for: All your students.

With her 30 years of experience and knowledge, Tilda Shalof is one of the best authors for your students. Her ability to advocate for her patients and showcase passionate nurse and educational leadership allows her to inspire aspirants all over the world. They will be inspired by her humorous attitude, skilled storytelling abilities, and unflinching honesty.

But did you know that you’ve probably heard Tilda Shalof’s quotes before? For example, she wrote the famous quote, “The hospital will never be healthy for patients if it’s not a healthy environment for nurses.” This statement highlights the importance of inclusion and safety for nurses in the medical industry.

Moreover, you can recommend that they read her book, A Nurse’s Story, to understand everything about life and death in an Intensive Care Unit. Reading this will help enhance your students’ abilities, skills, and knowledge as they get to know more about the profession. The story takes a smart, caring, and funny approach and tone. It also highlights the importance of incredible commitment and following the gut.

Another book called The Making of a Nurse gives glimpses into a nurse’s life in a home care or hospital setting. In this book, she talks about how she found adventure and love while working in a faraway country. The real-life stories about the hidden medical world in this book will make your students feel entertained, shocked, and comforted.

2. Theresa Brown

Best for: Students who’ve made a career change.

Theresa Brown is a bestselling author and columnist. She completed her Ph.D. in English but later chose a nursing career because it was always her dream and passion. Brown has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and is a registered nurse (RN).

She probably chose an accelerated program to enter the rewarding field of nursing. Yes, anyone wanting to change their career and quickly enter the nursing profession has to enroll in an accelerated BSN program (ABSN). Moreover, the 16-month ABSN courses listed on onlineabsnprograms.com are perfect for career-changers who want a faster residency and more accessible coursework.

Students choose these programs because they have a better career outlook and offer local placement opportunities after fast course completion. According to Online ABSN Programs, students usually analyze the course length, accreditation, and clinical placement assistance before enrolling.

Moreover, educators need to offer the best student support because online learning can be daunting. Even with counselors and advisors, your students will need extra support.

What better way to do that than by inspiring them with real-life success stories by Theresa Brown? Your students will truly be inspired by her determination and unwavering passion for her nursing career. Two books you can recommend for reading during study breaks include:

  • The Shift
  • Critical Care

After reading these books, they’ll understand the importance of compassion, thoughtfulness, knowledge, and generosity in this field. These books will also give your students an idea about a few important things. They include the typical days of a nurse, the stressful situations they have to overcome, and the importance of building relationships with patients.

3. Echo Heron

Best for: Students interested in becoming a critical care nurse.

Now and then, you would want your students to unwind and foster their creative mindset. Yes, creative thinking can help nurses make competent decisions while offering care to their patients. That’s where Echo Heron comes in with her non-fiction, mystery, and fiction stories.

She is a critical care nurse, and most of her non-fiction works are memoirs. That means your students will get first-hand experience about the profession while reading her books. They’ll surely be inspired by her passion and admiration for listening to patients and healing them.

One book that’s a must-read would be Intensive Care. In this book, Heron beautifully captures the true struggles and accomplishments of being a nurse. She also highlighted the importance of studying hard and asking questions.

Your students can learn about the behind-the-scenes stories of patient care in healthcare facilities. The author can help them understand the criticality of the smallest details in their careers. They’ll learn that even the little things can surely help patients and save lives.

4. Donna Cardillo

Best for: Students who want to become leaders in the nursing field.

Donna Cardillo became an RN after getting her diploma in nursing and doing her Bachelor’s in Health Care Management. She is known for inspiring nurses and elevating their skills to work at their fullest potential.

As a nurse educator, you’ve probably found motivation in Cardillo’s podcasts in the past. She is truly a powerhouse of energy and has innate knowledge about the industry. Therefore, her inspiring stories can bring a positive change to your students’ lives and create a path for their success.

The books you can recommend are the following:

  • Your First Year as a Nurse
  • A Daybook for Beginning Nurses
  • The Ultimate Career Guide for Nurses

Your students will love the wisdom and humor she brings to each of the books. For instance, Your First Year as a Nurse teaches them about the profession’s endless opportunities and challenges.

In conclusion, your students might find any online nursing program challenging. That’s why they’ll need extra help to get inspiration. Books by Theresa Brown, Echo Heron, Donna Cardillo, and Tilda Shalof will surely help.

These will help aid your nursing students’ career development and encourage them to seek further education. The books can advise them about nursing school and take them on a thought-provoking ethical journey. Moreover, the real-life stories of these authors will answer any complex questions that they might have about this profession.

With your guidance as an educator and inspiration from these authors, any nursing aspirant will easily master technical and personal skills.